About our journey

ATI consists of a team of experts with a diverse skillset ranging from patent and product research and development to strategic management.

We develop, protect, market and sell environmentally responsible new consumer products including single serve packaging products

ATI established in 2010, provides and develops new consumer products for mass market applications.

Over the years we have provided innovative packaging solutions for food and beverage. In 2010, we started with the distribution of a new technology for closed-capsules systems for coffee. 

The goal has been to develop a capsule, that is fully compostable and compatible with the current market leader.

We’re committed to offer a high-tech system in a market that tries to sell us knock-offs and look-alikes.

Work with us

We are grateful to our partners who have worked with us and have supported us over many years of hardcore commitment to sustainability.

If you or your company would like to positively contribute to a better tomorrow, reach out.

Together we can work on the sustainable solutions that will empower the sustainable technology of the future, now.