The best sustainable single serve coffee capsule on the market today

Our advanced plant-based coffee capsule technology innovations have led us to produce a product that is trusted by:

baristas, small roasters, filling companies, machine builders, lidding material experts, waste-managers, and universities alike.

Now for Keurig, Nespresso, and Nespresso professional systems.

Our capsule is built to the highest industry standards to avoid any breakage, leakage, spoilage, and other technical difficulties.


Made from sugarcane, bioplastics, and plant rests, our capsules have a low carbon footprint.

21 Days

Is all it takes for our capsules to compost.

Gives Back

Coffee grounds add to the richness of the compost. It gives nutrients back to the earth.

We offer our capsule and our lidding material as a full package

You can trust in a full service solution that consists of

Interested in our sustainable single serve coffee capsule technology?

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