Our New Barista Edition Lidding Material

Experience the magic of a Barista’s touch in the convenience of a single-serve capsule.

Our patented Barista Edition Lidding Material fine-tunes your coffee to your personal taste, bridging the gap between artisanal craft and modern convenience.

Unlock unparalleled customization—optimize your coffee experience according to both filling line efficiency and personal taste.

This innovation fosters unprecedented collaboration with Baristas and Roasters, ensuring their expertise shines through in every cup. Elevate your single-serve coffee experience and empower the artisans behind it.

The specifics are our trade secret, but in essence, we’ve revolutionized the portafilter-piston dynamic to offer unmatched flexibility in lidding material.

It comes with a WVTR and OXYGEN barrier​

Other than empowering baristas, we care about keeping your carefully selected beans fresh. We do this by implementing innovative multi-barrier technology into our lidding material.  

A fully functional WVTR barrier and an Oxygen barrier keep your coffee fresh and ensures longer shelf life

It works by mitigating the effects of moisture and oxygin pressure on both sides of the lidding material.

Is your capsule a good fit for our lidding material?

The short answer: it depends.

The long answer will take your filling line, desired coffee extraction, and other various parameters into account.

The best way to find out if your capsule is a good fit is to talk to one of our product experts about implementation options.