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At ATI we strongly believe in the possibilities and advantages of pushing innovation to provide practical and environmentally sound solutions for a wide range of different applications. This means that the specialised technology, materials and knowledge gained through the development of the biobased and compostable single serve packaging product, we are not limited to just this field and can implement the above for a much wider range of applications than just packaging.

Our past experiences with for example food products, automotive, etc., furthermore allows us to push innovation that much further thereby also providing these areas of interest with practical and environmentally sound solutions. Our past experiences with for example food products, automotive, etc., allows us to push innovation much further thereby paying attention environmentally friendly solutions.

Give Back What You Take

The biobased and compostable coffee capsules from ATI are part of the circular economy. This means that they are environmentally sustainable products which come from nature and are ultimately returned to nature after their design use has been completed. We call this: “cradle-to-cradle”, whereby not only the generation and manufacturing of the product is environmentally sustainable but the waste product is equally beneficial for the next generation of plants which will yield the raw materials for new products.


The biobased material is derived from the sugar from plants such as sugar cane and sugar beets. The glucose from the raw sugar is processed into one or more polyesters which can then be used to make different consumer products, such as our coffee capsule. The polyesters can then be further developed to incorporate different material characteristics such as high temperature resistance, flexibility and also very important, compostability.

There are different forms of compostability such as home compostability and industrial compostability. Our current coffee capsule complies with the legislature governing industrial compostability meaning that the used coffee capsules need to be disposed of in the green bin and then composted by the local municipality according to the regulations set forth by EN 13432. The capsules will be completely composted within 90 days. With home composting, the consumer is able to compost the products at home along with other fruit, vegetable and garden waste and the time for the products to be composted is dependent on multiple factors such as temperature and humidity. We are working very hard to develop our industrially compostable coffee capsules to become home compostable.

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Our Commitment To Nature

In everything we do we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment, improving agricultural practices.